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1 Sickles St
New York, NY 10040


We have incorporated our company, Piano Movers in the year 2000, and started providing piano moving services in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens ,Staten Island and Long Island. A few years later we expanded our territory to add New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia, and today we are capable of moving your piano to any destination within the USA. Call (866) 742-6690 for any piano related questions.
Our only business is to deal with the most important aspects of moving pianos. To put it simply, it is our job that feeds us and our families, and therefore we really take it seriously. Above all, we value our established reputation of the very professional piano moving Company, which is exactly the reason why many of our existing customers brought their friends and relatives to us for moving their pianos. In our case word-to-mouth advertising is really the best method of attracting our new customers that trust us in moving their pianos. Other services include pianorepair, piano tuning, piano storage and piano rental.

Additional Details:
Monday to Friday
Payment Accepted:
cash, check, credit cards, debit card
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